ELIO RIGONAT ‘Egregor II’ Album Review & Streams

Article By: David ‘Sunshine’ LaMay ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

When it comes to heavy music and its ability to expand perceived boundaries, well, I’m all for it.  

While there’s no knocking a solid effort from tried-and-true sources, when an artist decides to take that chancy, non-linear route, excitement often goes to a new level. Belgrade, Serbia’s Elio Rigonat is more than willing to roll the dice and quite capable of audibly bankable results.  His latest output, ‘Egregor II‘, is compelling proof of such.

The album title is perhaps the only obvious factor here, as it does imply a concept. There is indeed one, as each track chronicles an individual’s journey from darkness to peace and enlightenment. From there, seven tracks, forty-five minutes, and loads of sonic shifts are the order of the day.

Death, black, power, classic, and progressive metal writhe and slither around ambient interludes, piano/keyboard fills, ghostly choruses, and virtuoso guitar excursions. This wide palette gets even more life in its lungs because each song employs them in different orders, combinations, and fashions, and they all blend seamlessly together.

‘Egregor II’ Tracklist:

01. Toy House
02. Warlock’s Brew
03. Set Into Motion
04. God Thread
05. The Dance
06. 夜明けまで [Until The Dawn]
07. IMMER ☆ WEIß

No matter how much the listener is concerned that the cohesion can’t last, it does. Multiple spins are almost guaranteed to provoke different interpretations each time ’round. This is punishing, yet highly melodic music that manages to entertain, engage, and challenge, something all too rare in these times.

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious I’m quite impressed already, but knowing just what went into this project really helps to elevate it to the next level. Barely into his twenties, Elio handled every single facet of the record other than the cover art. Production, mixing, mastering, all instrumentation – you name it. Hell, he’s even manufacturing the disc inserts himself.

With such talent and ambition in his possession so early on, Rigonat could soon be a force to reckon with in heavy music, if he can stretch his reach beyond his homeland’s invisible barriers. Even so,Egregor II is an immersive, multi-textured record, that will, with no doubt, end up very high on my ‘Best Of’ list for 2017.

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