KOLOSSOR Completes Trilogy With “Bugbear’s Last Stand” Video

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

New Jersey’s Kolossor has gradually set and surpassed milestone after milestone throughout 2017. 

The trio, which consists of former members of Wizard’s Eye, Meatplow, and Swarm Of Arrows, issued their three-song, Self-titled EP début back in May of this year (review).

That EP made some nice ripples throughout the heavy music underground and the guys, Greg Frisenda (guitar and vocals), Jay Barringer (bass and background vocals), and Jerry Arsenault (drums), decided to issue accompanying videos. Three tracks, three official videos… that was the plan and now that plan is complete with today’s offering.

It’s Kolossor‘s third and final video clip from the EP, “Bugbear’s Last Stand“, and it is streaming below. Along with it are the previous visualizers for “Scourge” and “Pillars“, thus presenting all three for your viewing pleasure in one sitting.

Check them out and keep in mind, Kolossor has begun working on their planned full-length release for 2018. You can currently snag the Kolossor S/T EP as a NYP (Name Your Price) item at Bandcamp here.




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