VVON DOGMA I ‘Communion’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

We may have the arrival of a whole new genre or style of music with what’s happening here from Montreal, Québec’s Vvon Dogma I. Having just released the ‘Communion‘ EP in recent days, the music contained upon it is quite forward-thinking progressive metal at its roots.

Consisting of four tracks, three songs, and an intro, this is something possibly sent back to 2017 from the future somehow. The collective at the heart of this band uses an intriguing number or types of instruments and devices to render this offering. There’s the mastermind ChaotH (aka Frédérick Filiatrault) and his 9-String Bass/ Vocoder, then accomplices Yoan Marier-Proulx (guitar), Kevin Alexander (drums), and Blaise B Léonard (violins / synths). Simply put, what they create is nothing short of astounding.

Beautifully textured, multifaceted realms of unearthly sounds permeate each moment passed here. While yes, it is true that the roots of this are planted in progressive styling, the points explored from there are nameless. Ambient metal, atmospheric techno-electronica, harmony, and chaos incorruptible. Djent-y at times, psychedelic dub at others… words fail to properly paint this picturesque description.

Best you step into this mix yourself and feel the formal phase of Vvon Dogma I‘s ‘Communion‘ EP below. The Bandcamp-based aural adventure beckons like a cybernetic spirit bent on reaching Tomorrowland today.

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