SONIC PROPHECY Unveil ‘Savage Gods’ Album Details; Debut ‘Night Terror’ Visualizer

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Salt Lake City’s savagely metallic slayers Sonic Prophecy are poised to unleash their third full length Savage Gods via Rockshots Records on January 19, 2018.  

The anxiously awaited follow-up to 2015’s Apocalyptic Promenade is sure to up the ante once again with another studio offering of relentlessly uncompromising oldschool-influenced heavy metal.

Vocalist Shane Provstgaard comments on it saying:

“We think our fans will love this album! Savage Gods, as a record, basically combines all of the things I think people liked about our previous releases and then moves us forward into new areas musically and lyrically.  For our fans, there will be no mistaking this is Sonic Prophecy, but we definitely cover some new exciting ground on this record.”

“This is pure heavy metal with driving guitars, thundering drums, and some of what I feel is my best vocal work to date.  With songs “Night Terror, “Unholy Blood” and the album title track, we’ve really laid down a brutal sonic backdrop, along with keeping the melody, which is important to our music.”

Shane Provstgaard
– Vocals
Darrin Goodman – Guitar
Sebastian Martin – Guitar
Ron Zemanek – Bass
Matt LeFevre – Drums

What better means of a litmus test, so to speak, than an intensely pounding, wide-ranging song of untethered power metal ala new official video?  Look no further than Sonic Prophecy‘s new visualizer for the song “Night Terror” streaming below.

Savage Gods” is available for pre-order on Amazon along with single Night Terror available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

Track Listing:
1. Savage Gods (6:44)
2. Night Terror (5:38)
3. Unholy Blood (5:13)
4. Dreaming Of The Storm (4:55)
5. Man The Guns (5:04)
6. Walk Through The Fire (7:09)
7. A Prayer Before Battle (5:46)
8. Iron Clad Heart (5:24)
9. Man and Machine (6:44)
10. Chasing The Horizon (6:14)

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