KREMLIN Streams ‘Decimation Of The Elites’ In Its Entirety

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Although they hail from the land that brought us the Northern Hyperblast, Canada, Kremlin sound anything but Canadian to me. No, the brutal death metal being exuded from the trio that is Kremlin, aka Neutron Cannon, Nuclear Grinder, and Lord Disintegrator, sounds akin to something else entirely.

The sonic barbarianism rendered by the trio on their imminent release, ‘Decimation Of The Elites‘, is as old-school as old-school gets. The album is dropping today, rather appropriately, on Black Friday (November 24) through Godz Ov War Productions.

It rages with Swedish, and non-Swedish alike, influences and throws back to the days when bands like Desultory or Comecon scorched the earth. We are now inviting you to discover it for yourself via the full stream of Kremlin‘s ‘Decimation Of The Elites‘ through the Soundcloud embed below.

Godz Ov War will release ‘Decimation Of The Elites exclusively on CD, in a standard jewel case edition with a 12-page booklet. Orders are being accepted now at this location.

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