KING WITCH Reveals ‘Under The Mountain’ Full-Length Debut Details

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

After astounding the music underground with their critically acclaimed 2015 ‘Shoulders Of Giants’ EP (here), Scotland-based metal/doom rockers KING WITCH will release their debut full-length, ‘Under The Mountain’, via Listenable Records in early 2018.

The album will drop on February 9th in fact and was recorded and produced by guitarist Jamie Gilchrist at the group’s underground studio in their home city of Edinburgh, Scotland. It was then mixed and mastered by Tom Dring at Vagrant Recordings (Dragged Into Sunlight, Acolyte) in Southport and comes encased in intriguing artwork created by vocalist Laura Donnelly.

KING WITCH has shared that artwork today, along with the album’s tracklist and a track-by-track thematic breakdown, and it is all included below. Anticipation for the band’s (vocalist Laura Donnelly, guitarist Jamie Gilchrist, drummer Lyle Brown, and bassist Simon Anger) studio return is running high. This upcoming record promises to capitalize on the breakthrough of their original EP effort with nine new riff-laden tracks offset with the bewildering power this band wields.

Under The Mountain Tracklist:
01. Beneath The Waves
02. Carnal Sacrifice
03. Solitary
04. Under The Mountain
05. Approaching The End
06. Ancients
07. Hunger
08. Possession
09. Black Dog Blues

Track-by-track synopsis:

“Beneath The Waves” – This is inspired by stories such as Moby Dick and explores man’s need to destroy anything and everything beautiful, dangerous, and unfamiliar… and the retribution dealt in return.

“Carnal Sacrifice” – A homage to all the old Hammer horror films, particularly To The Devil A Daughter, an innocent born for the sole purpose of being a sacrificial vehicle of hell – topped off with some fake tomato sauce blood!

“Solitary” – This song is about Mother Earth birthing the human race only to be sucked dry and left barren. It’s about a vast loneliness that can be felt even when surrounded by life.

“Under The Mountain” – An upbeat classic metal song! It reeks of adventure. The lyrics have been inspired by stories such as Conan The Barbarian and Lord Of The Rings.

“Approaching The End” – A song about the moments before death and the feeling you’ve not achieved everything you wanted/needed to. It’s about the creeping fear that it’s not all white lights and glowing tunnels and about the not knowing where we go and what happens to us after death.

“Ancients” – This track focuses on the majesty of the Mountain. Breathtakingly beautiful yet treacherous to all. Inspiration comes from our home of Scotland which is filled with ancient mystery and awe inspiring mountainous landscapes.

“Hunger” – “Hunger” is about man’s greed and the feeling of never being satisfied with life, which further drives humankind to destroy and consume relentlessly.

“Possession” – This can either be about demonic possession or insanity. In both you are not yourself – like someone or something else trying to get out.

“Black Dog Blues” – Something most of us can relate to: This is about depression and how it feels like something that is always with you like an old acquaintance. It lurks and waits, then, when you least expect it, it slides on in and makes itself at home.

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