BORIS RANDALL ‘The Black Months Rise’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Multi-genre melding musician Boris Randall recently returned with a new 4-song EP, ‘The Black Months Rise‘. It isn’t only genres that Boris is melding here either as this talented, long-embedded punk rocker played all the instruments on this latest offering. He also handled vocal duties with backing assistance from Pixie Randall on the EP’s title track.

That title track, along with the overall vibe of the closing cut, “Blood Halo“, channel a pretty outright alternative doom-ish feel. Meaning there are somber, even somewhat sullen overtones at times but they are met and matched by equally gothic shading as well. Boris keeps things well-grounded in the heavier side for this walk within lumbering rock and roll.

Boris also definitely revisits his horror / punk /  hardcore roots (i.e. his time spent in The Splatterpunks, Hallowmas, etc.) somewhat in the cuts “Black Casket Ritual” and “Impurity Dreams Of Death“. Both are mostly uptempo, straightforward, no-bullshit numbers that are propelled by deep grooves and fueling rhythms. His vocals, a bit reminiscent of Glenn Danzig’s best moments at times, are also matter-of-fact and solidly delivered.

If you’re looking for a cool short-player with elements of alternative rock, goth, punk, doom, and even a touch or two of new wave at times, check out the latest from Boris Randall, ‘The Black Months Rise‘ EP. It is streaming via Bandcamp below, it can also be purchased there or by taking the direct route here.

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