ELECTRIC AGE Debuts ‘Live At The House Of Blues: NOLA’ EP

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Southern Louisiana’s vehement viceroys of high voltage heavy rock and doom, Electric Age, are on the verge of returning with a special live recording soon. The trio will imminently issue the 4-song, twenty-five-minute running time, live offering ‘Live At The House Of Blues: NOLA‘ EP on December 15th.

For those of us that became enamored with Electric Age after the release of their powerful ‘Sleep Of The Silent King’ studio effort last year, this new gift has a very special history behind its recording. The EP was culled from an August 28, 2015 performance from Electric Age as they supported a pairing of NOLA’s hugest heavyweights, Crowbar and Goatwhore. As good as those facts are, the event itself is the real milestone though as the show took place on the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s rampage through the Southern U.S. and especially, Louisiana.

The thundering doomsters in Electric AgeJason Ogle (Bass), Shawn Tucker (Lead Vocals, Guitar), and Kelly Davis (Drums), recently shared some of the details to this story. Jason clued me in that the night itself was a particularly brutally humid one, the kind where sweat bathes you in a drenching of your own expelled fluids. But it mattered not, as the House Of Blues held a close-to-capacity crowd and more importantly, one that had weathered the storm so to speak. Not just weathered it but underwent it, suffered it extensively, endured devastating losses and those that did come out the other side were forever changed.

Now, ten years on, the underground scene of NOLA and Southern LA. had been galvanized from this shared, collective travesty and most importantly – victoriously survived and ultimately triumphed! Electric Age‘s ‘Live At The House Of Blues: NOLA‘ EP had been thought irretrievably lost at one point, perhaps even almost forgotten. Recovered recently when cleaning out an old computer, this is an insightful sonic delving into the band prior to the recording and release of their aforementioned debut, ‘Sleep Of The Silent King’.

The show was mixed by Stephen W. Richardson and mastered by Josh Klipstein. No overdubs, no sleight of hand knob-twisting trickery, or studio magic has been applied, it is just a raw three-piece rock band on the rise. Rise they do too, to the challenge of proving themselves in the live setting with some iconic legends waiting, watching in the wings. What Electric Age does prove, and establishes beyond any shadow of a doubt, is trials be damned, Katrina be cursed, for there is but one true storm ravaging NOLA/LA., still to this very day and it is named Electric Age!

Electric Age partnered with the 666MrDoom YouTube Channel for today’s debut of the EP and we’re sharing that stream here. Meanwhile, the guys are hard at work on their next studio outing, ‘Painter Of Saints’. You can keep up on its progress, as well as pick up the new EP and more, at the links included below the audio-stream.

01. Cold Witch
02. A Church Within
03. The Dreaming
04. Robes Of Grey


Facebook – www.facebook.com/electricagela
Bandcamp – www.electricage.net
Physical CD – www.argonautarecords.com
YouTube – https://tinyurl.com/yb6h46l6
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