Descendants Of Crom Festival

(By Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor,

“…Only that the crowd would be there to greet him with howls of lust and fury.  He began to realize his sense of worth… he mattered…” ~ The Wizard (Conan)

Descendants of Crom is set for the last weekend of September 2018, once again in the Steel City of Pittsburgh.  For 2018, the second annual event shall span three days in length.  There will be a Thursday evening Pre-Gala, with all-day events happening Friday and Saturday.

This year will include over 30 bands in total, traveling from all over the United States.  They are strong, beautiful creators of the jam, the breakdown, the pulse, and – of course – the undeniable riff… they are all DESCENDANTS OF CROM.

While one or two more updates will complete the full lineup for each evening’s event and the final roster, we have a most incredible update today to share.  Several of the bands being revealed today have all released albums in 2017 that have made my ‘favorites list’, check out these latest Descendants Of Crom 2018 additions!

One group in particular has been such a loved sound since the first time I laid ears on them.  I am still screaming internally about these confirmations.




Are you sure?



I named them in the article title, but if I’ve distracted you enough to forget… Here they are!



Shy Kennedy has once again blown my doors off with her curation for Descendants Of Crom 2018.  These are many of my favorite heavy music artists set to perform at this festival.  I’ve barely been able to contain myself to keep my composure with this knowledge for the better part of two weeks!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS LINEUP?  It’s incredible.

In November, we announced the “meat” of the Descendants of Crom gathering, which remains the same unbelievably heavy blend of bands.  (Note: bands are listed in alphabetical order, not by lineup – click band names for info)

Tickets are available for single day events or in combinations of the various days.  An ‘Early Crow’ discount ticket sale period is open and will continue for a limited time.

These Early Crow sales are a limited number of tickets, so plan now!  (Instant print is available for last-minute holiday shoppers. Fill those holiday battle boots!) Tickets can be purchased via Brown Paper Tickets on the Descendants Of Crom website or here:

Blackseed Records (see far below) is again the host and presenter of Descendants of Crom and sponsored in part by Riff Relevant and Mettle Media PR.   Additional sponsorship opportunities will be revealed soon, but any potential sponsors who may be interested now may contact Shy Kennedy at Blackseed Records (click here).

Descendants Of Crom 2018 Poster R2

About Blackseed:

Shy Kennedy, creator and coordinator of Descendants of Crom (also vocalist for Horehound), founded Blackseed Recordings and Releases in 2013, in conjunction with Blackseed Design.  Both entities are rooted in her professional passion for all things art, music and design.  Shy has effectively expanded her reach over the last several years to organize live music events, as well as create the artwork and illustration design for all her endeavors.

Harboring dark musical acts gone adrift, Blackseed is haven to unique artists who to some extent can only be described by their sound. Blackseed embraces experimental, noise and avant-garde music styles, yet refuses limits.

Blackseed is a cure for all things, except death.

Blackseed Records

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