IRON VOID Reveal ‘Excalibur’ Details; Premiere New Song

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

UK traditional doom band Iron Void have unveiled some details of their highly anticipated third studio album, “Excalibur“.   

It will arrive within the first quarter of early 2018 via the band’s new label home, Shadow Kingdom Records.  A new song from it, “The Coming Of A King“, is being shared with us today through the Bandcamp embed below.

Iron Void was originally formed by Jonathan “Sealey” Seale and Andy Whittaker (Solstice, The Lamp of Thoth) in 1998, to create an old-school doom metal band, worshiping at the altar of doom legends such as Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, etc.  The band reformed in 2008, with the current lineup consisting of Jonathan “Sealey” Seale (bass, vocals), Steve Wilson (guitars, vocals), and Richard Maw (drums).

However you see it, 2018 will mark a milestone anniversary for the band.  We’ll bring you further news, such as release date and pre-order info, when it is available.  Check out the “Excalibur” artwork and track list below.

Excalibur” Track List:
1. Dragon’s Breath
2. The Coming of a King
3. Lancelot of the Lake
4. Forbidden Love
5. Enemy Within
6. The Grail Quest
7. A Dream to Some, A Nightmare to Others
8. The Death of Arthur
9. Avalon

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