DRUG CULT [Sun Of Man, Ex-Wolfmother Members] Debut ‘Mind Crypt’ Official Video From Upcoming 2018 Release

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

Occult Doom collective Drug Cult, aka guitarist Vin Steele (ex-Wolfmother, Megaritual, Sun Of Man), vocalist Aasha Tozer, drummer Dale Walker (Megaritual, Sun Of Man) and bassist Maggie Schreiber, are a group of Aussie heaviness-mongers.

The quartet, together since 2015, are preparing to obliterate minds with their upcoming 2018 S/T album release for Ritual Productions. While their work on it continues at this time, the band has just debuted a new official video for a song derived from the labors, “Mind Crypt“.

With an evocative psychedelic haze in their classic melodies, fuzz-drenched riffs and mesmerizing doom undertow, the new visualizer is an ideal introduction. With its’ spellbinding allure, director Jack Bailey commented on the clip saying:

“I have always felt an uncommon affinity with places dark, ancient and unbroken. I find solace in empty landscapes, void of human interference… the company of the wild is far more affable than that of modern man.”

Bailey’s ethos perfectly parallels the vast elemental darkness that encapsulates Drug Cult‘s sound with the visuals for “Mind Crypt” presenting nature in its most raw, rugged and fatally foreboding form.


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