Premiere: RED BEARD WALL “Top Of The Mountain” Official Video

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

One of the more mold-breaking releases of 2017 was the self-titled full-length from Texas’ RED BEARD WALL.    

That album, released through Argonauta Records, provided heavy music fans with a two-man entity, with vocalist and guitarist Aaron Wall and drummer George Trujillo, capable of exploring vast sonic territories.

RED BEARD WALL’s Aaron Wall (L) & George Trujillo (R)

With RED BEARD WALL‘s knack for blending doomy nuances into their psych-infused, punk-imbued take on alternative/ stoner rock, their S/T album quickly enthralled music fans everywhere. That intrigue is about to be ratcheted up with Riff Relevant‘s première of the band’s official visualizer for “Top Of The Mountain“.

Created by the mind-altering crafters of lysergic-laced occult imagery, Gryphus Visuals, the clip is an intense accompaniment to this track. The video’s vintage horror movie imagery is the base, as layers of hallucinogenic additions swirl about and the music weaves an aggressive, uplifting contrast to those images. Check it out below!

Stream or purchase the 2017 S/T RED BEARD WALL release at this location.

In RED BEARD WALL related news, the band has informed us that they will begin recording their second album this coming March and April. Yep, we have another RBW album on the horizon, folks.


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