MEMORIAM Unveils ‘The Silent Vigil’ Album Details

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Just one year after the release of their well-received 2017 introduction ‘For The Fallen’, old-school death metaller Memoriam has announced the arrival of its follow-up.

The Silent Vigil‘ will be issued through Nuclear Blast Records on March 23rd and is once again graced by incredible artwork from Dan Seagrave (Benediction, Dismember, Suffocation). View it and the new album’s tracklist below.

Memoriam commented on the artwork’s unveiling saying: stated on the cover artwork:

Following the success of working with Dan Seagrave for our début album For The Fallen, we decided that we had to get Dan involved for the next album cover. Initially we used Dan as we were all very impressed with the art that he has created for bands over the decades and Scott in particular wanted to have an album cover designed by Dan Seagrave, as part of the things he wanted to achieve with Memoriam.

Dan really encapsulates the Old School Death Metal feel to the album covers that he creates; they are full of detail and very atmospheric. We gave him a brief for the For The Fallen debut cover and he did a great job. We briefed Dan and asked him to create an image which followed on from the first album; the first album features a funeral procession, the coffin of the fallen leader paraded across an ethereal battle-scarred landscape. 

The Silent Vigil represents the next phase of the journey where the coffin is lying in state with the followers standing in silence almost like terracotta soldiers. The cover has an overall solemn feel to it, with the ravaged landscape in the background and burnt out wrecks of military hardware in the foreground. The tree in the centre of the album cover is symbolic of life – that continues on. We are really pleased with what Dan Seagrave has created for us once again and we are proud to have his artwork on our album cover. We already have an idea for the next album cover and we hope that Dan will be able to do this for us too.

Memoriam basically began as a new music outlet for Bolt Thrower vocalist Karl Willets, after that band’s drummer Martin “Kiddie” Kearns passed away in 2015. With the band on hold, Karl soon united with past / present members of such bands as Benediction, Cerebral Fix, Bolt Thrower, etc., and thus Memoriam was born.

Karl Willetts (Vocals)
Frank Healy (Guitar)
Scott Fairfax (Bass)
Andy Whale (Drums)

01. Soulless Parasite
02. Nothing Remains
03. From the Flames
04. The Silent Vigil
05. Bleed The Same
06. As Bridges Burn
07. The New Dark Ages
08. No Known Grave
09. Weaponised Fear

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