STARKWEATHER Streams “Divided By Zero” From Upcoming Split With CONCEALMENT

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

On March 9th, Translation Loss Records will issue a new 2-song Split featuring the bands Starkweather and Concealment. Each band has contributed a lengthy sensory assault to the record with Starkweather‘s “Divided By Zero” streaming here today.

The Philadelphia-based pioneers of dissonant, metallic hardcore known as Starkweather continue to destroy molds even now. They have been doing such since their inception in 1989 and now, almost three decades later, are just as groundbreaking as they have ever been.

Check out the progressive extremity of Starkweather in their volatile experimentation in sonic manipulation below, “Divided By Zero“.

Portugal’s Concealment, whose own origins date back to at least 1995, are a band also well recognized for their musical complexities. With the addition of their song “Liminality“, the band incorporates and combines the dissonant, atonal elements from avant-garde, experimental metal in an abrupt nature. The song itself is based on a true event, the tragic case of Anneliese Michel, an example of a person with a misidentified mental disorder, treated with negligence, abuse, and religious hysteria.

Pre-order the upcoming Starkweather / Concealment split via Translation Loss before its release on March 9th.

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