VICIOUS NATURE ‘VII’ Album Review & Video “The Silence That Kills”

Article By: David ‘Sunshine’ LaMay ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Ever heard of Cloven Hoof or Marshall Law? If not, I’m shocked, as the former is an NWOBHM legend, and the latter churned out some of the best meaty power metal of the ’90s.

We’ll forego a metallic history lesson and move right on to the point. Key ex-members of these bands now make up U.K. juggernaut Vicious Nature, and what they have to offer via their upcoming new EP ‘VII‘, is an unwavering statement of heavy.

After being serenely lulled with the oh-so-appropriately opening guitar piece “The Calm Before The Storm“, things change… Fast. “‘Rise Up” proceeds to rage from the speakers, and the rest of the disc follows straight through right to the live closer “System Of Disorder“.

Now, just how does this actually manifest itself? Well, despite the aforementioned pedigree, Vicious Nature takes an unexpected approach. Their sound is a muscular combination of old-school power and modern, technical precision. All delivered with unrelenting anger and aggression, save for the occasional, brief mood shift to amplify the roar.

Vocalist Andy Pyke is as potently versatile as ever, maybe even more so. Smooth melodicism gives way to snarling howls with grace. Andrew Southwell lends full credence to the animosity with thick, groove-laced riffs and sharp leads. Anchoring all of this is the rhythm section of bassist Mark Culley and skins man J.B. Brown. They don’t merely keep beat and time, but rather propel and instigate.

If you can imagine the heaviest moments of Pretty Maids mixed with ‘Drift’-era Flotsam & Jetsam, then slam it home with the sonic terror of Testament, then you have an idea of what’s in store. Rest assured, however, Vicious Nature is doing it their way.

VII‘ is simply top-tier, pure metal, and there’s nothing more I have to add on the matter. Check out the new Official Video below for the single “The Silence That Kills“. Get some. NOW.

Vicious Nature:

Jon ‘JB’ Brown – Drums
Andrew Southwell – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Andy Pyke – Vocals
Marc Culley – Bass

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