Oldschool Sunday: BLITZSPEER

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The formation of the New York City-based, grit-encased rock and roll band Blitzspeer happens in 1998 and from there, remains a short-lived chapter in the history of rock music.

The lineup for the band at the time consisted of guitarist and vocalist Phil Caivano (Monster Magnet), guitarist Scott Lano, bassist and vocalist Curt Fleck. and drummer Louie Gasparro.

Taking a bit of a different route than the approach used by most bands, Blitzspeer marks their existence with a live release for their first time out. Epic Records releases ‘Live‘ in 1990, an explosive seven-song EP recorded live at The Limelight in NYC.

It was the right move for the band, too, the EP exploded off the line with the band’s high energy output and take-no-prisoners style of metallic rock ‘n roll.  Blitzspeer wastes no time in recording a proper studio full-length record. Gasparro then exited the band, though, and drummer Bryan Essing sat in for their next effort via Epic Records, 1991’s ‘Saves‘.

Gutter-born and seeming drug-fueled, middle-finger-in-the-air, swaggering music with fiery guitars. That would best describe the music of Blitzspeer, but if you need a comparative association made, think Circus Of Power vein of music but much heavier.

Blitzspeer undertook touring, including shows in Baltimore, Maryland in the mid-nineties, where I saw them at a dive named The Rage. Unfortunately, they were destined for a short existence, as I eluded to earlier, but they did put out a 45″ single, “Sonic Glory” for Epic in ’92. It also features a different drummer, in this case, David Tritt.

This would mark the last musical output from Blitzspeer, although all indications are they never officially disbanded… at least not with an announcement.

After the demise of Blitzspeer, Phil Caivano did production work, working as a guitar tech for Monster Magnet, then joining Monster Magnet as their guitarist where he now remains. He has also worked with Bloodclot!, Harley’s War, Hard Attack, Shrapnel, and others either pre-Blitzspeer or post.

Louie Gasparro went on to form Psycho 69 aka Mad Parade with School Of Violence’s Steg Von Heintz. He also played with Murphy’s Law, Lordz Of Brooklyn. and headed the New York band Supervillain. Gasparro joined forces with ex-After Dark vocalist Alex Dementia, and ex-Malstrom and Tides Within bassist Alex Coelho, to form The Resurrection Sorrow.

Bryan Essing worked on a project named Resurge and has played drums on several other studio recordings, as well as pursued an acting career.

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