QUESTION Share Newly Released S/T EP Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

True brutality knows no borders nor boundaries! That’s why it is our pleasure to share the stream of the just-released self-titled EP from Mexico’s severity-serving QUESTION.

The band in Question (see what I did there?) are some young death metal lovers hailing from Querétaro, Mexico. They made some noticeable ripples in the extreme music underground with their 2017 EP, Gnosis Primordial and now they return with this new EP and plans for an upcoming full-length too.

The EP was released on March 15th via Caligari Records and it finds the quartet, Marco (Vocals), Rodrigo (Guitar), Héctor (Bass) and Iván (Drums) unleashing a crushing bombardment of oldschool style death metal. With blistering discharges of buzzing, grinding guitar, ground-quaking rhythms and intensified guttural vocals, there’s no doubts about Question‘s heaviness.

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