DAPPER DAN ‘Tight Spot’ Album Review; “Hell Or Horses” Single Streams

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The Southeast Kentucky-based, hard fuzz, southern rock, and blues band Dapper Dan (gotta love that name, huh, O’ Brother Where Art Thou fans) recently issued their first official studio effort, ‘Tight Spot‘.

The 10-song album is an electrified delivery of infectious songs, ones constructed with an abundant reverence for the power of the riff. What gets added to those riffs and hooks includes thundering rhythms, in-the-pocket drums, and the raspy swagger of whiskey-drenched vocals.

With five well-established veterans of Bluegrass State music applying their skills collectively as Dapper DanTomm Huff (Lead Vocals), Rod Bowling (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Michael Sanders (Lead Guitar), Quinn Bowling (Bass Guitar), and Tyler Bowling (Drums) are the epitome of underground underdogs.

As such, and with ample diversity and influences governing them, the guys roll out a constantly morphing sound in their music. From the fuzzy Alt. Rock of songs like “Silver Bird” or “Spinning Around“, to the jammy nature of “The Diner“, or the boogie ‘n blues of “Is It Me“, we’re fed a feast of incredible portions.

Then there are the heavy-hitters here, the songs that tread into the denser, more aggressive side of Dapper Dan. The chunky chug of “It’s Over“, with its sense of sonic urgency and non-stop guitars, is the first to rear its head. Others that are eventually presented with ample amplified attitude include the backwoods stomp of “Hell And Horses” (streaming here), the uptempo drive of “Say Goodbye“, and my unquestionable favorite, the metal-tinged “Rhyme Or Reason“.

Dapper Dan makes a multifaceted mark with their ‘Tight Spot‘ debut, delivering a solid album with enough ground covered to provide a wide scope appeal. It is easy to imagine the band finding live acceptance in a multitude of scenes or places, from the dive bar to the off-the-beaten-path juke joint, and beyond.

And of course, it would be remiss of me not to close with the following: “I don’t want FOP goddamn it, I’m a Dapper Dan man!!!

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