CVNT FISTVLA ‘Cream Soda’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

From Oslo, Norway we have the recorded arrival of CVNT FISTVLA via their newly-released Cream Soda‘ EP from Bytte-Bernt Records.

To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect from a band with such a unique name. I kind of anticipated some noisy, screeching grindcore type of stuff but boy, was I ever wrong. And now, I am glad I was wrong, too because ‘Cream Soda‘ is quite a tasty thirst-quencher indeed.

The trio at work here – Torje Viestad (vocals, guitar), Pelle Bamle (bass, backing vocals), and Kristian Djuve (drums, backing vocals) – has spent time in such acts as Skalla, Deathcrush, PRTLVX, and Messerschmitt. As CVNT FISTVLA though, this threesome crafts quite intoxicating sonic sludge… but it is not the furiously abrasive sort, no. Instead, their emissions hearken to such notables as (The) Melvins or High On Fire.

With four solid, densely heavyweight tracks, “Another Show“, “Yes, I Do!“, “Yage (C.V.N.T. F.I.S.T.V.L.A.S.)” and “Cover Your Ears, Cover Your Eyes“, insert plenty of groove into their music. There is also a prevalent psychedelic flavoring injected into certain moments of this music too, and the results are quite delectable.

There are some dark, tenser moments also, “Cover Your Ears, Cover Your Eyes” instantly comes to mind for such. The vocals are gravelly, sometimes of a bit more spoken type styling, as the song plods along with some deep rhythmic rutting. It works well too and I invite you to take a taste for yourself.

CVNT FISTVLACream Soda‘ is streaming (get it?) here, full of flavor and pep, for your personal perusal. It was recorded in live takes at Taakeheimen Lydrike in Oslo, Norway by Morten Øby (Pirate Love, Lionheart Brothers). It was mixed by Milton Von Krogh (PRTLVX, Arabrot, Okkultokrati) and mastered by Jason Ward in Chicago Mastering (SUNN O))), Arabrot).

It is available in a digital format as well as limited edition 12″ 180g vinyl with original handmade cover art. The individualized covers were handmade by the artists Nikolai Torgersen, Vidar Evensen, Lotte Lovise Brøndbo, Bendik Aunan, Christopher Køltzow, and Juno Solhaug, among others.


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