BMG To Re-Issue 3 Classic SAXON Albums Via Splatter Vinyl & Bonus-Laden CD Formats

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

SAXON, one of the legendary pioneers of the NWOBHM movement, will be the recipients of an upcoming re-issue of several of the band’s classic albums.

Arriving from BMG on May 25 will be the band’s “Denim And Leather” (1981), “Power & The Glory” (1983) and “Crusader” (1984) re-issues. Each will be offered in different formats, including splatter Vinyl LP and CD versions containing bonus content.

All three of these albums will be made available on colored splatter vinyl for the very first time ever, and will include album lyrics, rare photos and memorabilia. The CD copies will include a 24-page media book and feature rare demos, remixes and live recordings.

Check out the details of each below and the pre-order for them is available now at THIS LOCATION.

Coming from BMG on Friday, July 27 are the expanded editions of the following SAXON titles: “Innocence Is No Excuse“, “Rock The Nations” and “Destiny“.


“Princess Of The Night”
“Never Surrender”
“Out Of Control”
“Rough And Ready”
“Play It Loud”
“And The Bands Played On”
“Midnight Rider”
“Fire In The Sky”
“Denim And Leather”

CD Bonus Tracks

“20,000Ft” (Remix)
“Bap Shoo Ap” (Live At Donington)
“Intro / And The Bands Played On” (Live)
“Princess Of The Night” (Live At The Rainbow ’81)
“Midnight Rider” (Live At Hammersmith ’81)
“Never Surrender” (Live At Hammersmith ’81)
“Machine Gun” (Live At Hammersmith ’81)
“Play It Loud” (Live At Hammersmith ’81


“Power And The Glory”
“This Town Rocks”
“Watching The Sky”
“Midas Touch”
“The Eagle Has Landed”

CD Bonus Tracks

“Make Em Rock”
“Turn Out The Lights”
“Turn Out The Lights” (Demo ’82)
“Stand Up And Rock” (Demo ’82)
“Power And The Glory” (Demo ’82)
“Saturday Night” (Demo ’82)
“Midas Touch” (Demo ’82)
“Nightmare” (Demo ’82)
“Redline” (Demo ’82)


“The Crusader Prelude”
“A Little Bit Of What You Fancy”
“Sailing To America”
“Set Me Free”
“Just Let Me Rock”
“Bad Boys (Life To Rock N’Roll)”
“Do It All For You”
“Rock City”
“Run For Your Lives”

CD Bonus Tracks

“Helter Skelter”
“Do It All For You”
“A Little Bit Of What You Fancy”
“Sailing To America”
“Just Let Me Rock”
“Do It All For You (Intro) / Run For Your Lives”
“Living For The Weekend”

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