RPM Fest Announces 2018 Lineup: BLACK TUSK, TOMBS, ACID WITCH, WHORES., INCITE +40 More

(By Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor, RiffRelevant.com)

RPM Fest organizers have announced the 2018 full band roster for the late August music event. Held this year in Montague, Massachusetts, RPM Fest is an annual three-day outdoor heavy Rock, Punk, and Metal music festival that will feature 50 bands, as well as camping, games, local beer and food, vendors, and more.  

I attended and volunteered at the 2016 RPM Fest.  It was the first time I went and was amazed at how oil-primed smooth the entire event and performances were.  Due to the care of the organizers and staff, as well as the bands and crowds, it was a superbly pleasant surprise that reintroduced me to a blossoming heavy music scene in my own backyard. I was able to see some remarkable local bands, as well as favorites returning to active status (hi, Scissorfight) in 2016.

This year RPM Fest is expanding to bring in national headlining acts such as Black TuskTombsInciteWhores., and Acid Witch, plus 40+ more bands, as well as an increase in local and regional vendors and festival sponsors for the 2018 event. Definitely looking forward to RPM Fest 2018, and extremely happy to be able to say that Riff Relevant is helping sponsor the event this year.

Each year of RPM Fest has occurred in Western Massachusetts.  Having been raised in the Eastern Upstate NY area, I’m familiar with many of the surrounding regions, including West Mass., and while the region is somewhat rural, it has been a hotbed for spawning nationally recognized heavy music acts like Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall. Since RPM Fest‘s 2014 start, West Mass has seen a heavy music resurgence, with its goal to keep fostering the local heavy music scene by showcasing some of the best underground bands New England has to offer.  Check out this Fest Lineup!

RPM Fest 2018 – Band Lineup Roster:



Tickets for the event will be available at RPMFest.org, with all Early Bird Pricing valid through Monday, July 2nd.  There will be multiple ticket and merch bundles available in advance, take a gander:


RPM Fest 2018 – Facebook Events:
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