RITUAL NECROMANCY ‘Disinterred Horror’ Album Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

It has been four rather lengthy years since Portland’s RITUAL NECROMANCY released their last studio effort, 2014’s ‘Void Manifest’ EP.

Thank Satan that tormenting wait is over, as these purveyors of USDM have returned with the full-length ‘Disinterred Horror‘, which arrived May 25th from Dark Descent Records.

The abject brutality of the five songs contained on this record is the stuff that old-school death metal bands were constructed of. From the ultra-fucking sick riffs that permeate the songs, to the pulverizing drums and flesh-shredding rhythms that accompany them, this is damned fine sonic savagery.

Yet, while RITUAL NECROMANCY specializes in uncompromisingly disturbing heaviness, there are elements of black metal and progressive extremity found here, too. Then there are the vocals, those hellishly guttural, throat ravaging utterances that seem laden with harmful intent. From the very first onslaught of the opening cut, “To Raise The Writhing Shadows“, they earmark these songs in such a way that your ears will be marked as if seared with acid!

The other four tracks, “Command The Sigil“, “Discarnate Machination“, “Cybellum Eosphorous“, and the title track “Disinterred Horror” are equally disfiguring. What is exhumed in these aural abominations is able to restore hope in anyone that might reckon the age of USDM dominating the underground to be a bygone age.

To hell with that, for RITUAL NECROMANCY and the ‘Disinterred Horror‘ album are superb slabs of all that is obscenely enjoyable in extreme metal. Subject yourself to its stream here in the review, or you can head HERE and purchase it for yourself.

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