LIMB ‘Saboteurs Of The Sun’ Album Review & Stream; Official Video

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The United Kingdom’s LIMB is back with a new album release, its third such, and it is titled ‘Saboteurs Of The Sun‘.

Arriving this past week from New Heavy Sounds, this album meets all the label’s criteria ala “new”, “heavy”, and “sounds” – as in, “sounds damned incredible”! 2018 continues to provide us one phenomenal album after another and I am here to see that you add LIMB‘s ‘Saboteurs Of The Sun‘ to your list.

In my opinion, ‘Saboteurs Of The Sun‘ sees LIMB serve up their most forward-thinking album yet. It is definitely their strongest offering to date, one that takes the sludgy riffery and boggy prog of its predecessors then adds more melody. Yes, more melody, more energy, more exploratory, genre-warping factors, and the results are simply impressive.

LIMB themselves addressed these things too, saying:

Saboteurs Of The Sun is our most ambitious and expansive record yet. We took our time, set our sights high, and experimented with lots textures and layers. Thematically, we dived into English folklore as well as space-age prophecy. So you’ll find songs about arcane, occult murders as well as tales of isolation and ineffable terror in deep space. The result is a big record: big themes, big sounds and big riffs! It helped that we worked with Russ Russell again — he’s worked with everyone from Napalm Death to Hawkwind, which is the sort of breadth that we’re into!”

In the expanse of these ten songs,  LIMB – Rob Hoey (Vocals), Sam Cooper (Bass), Tom Mowforth (Drums), and Pat Pask (Guitar) – yield a sonic statement of immense importance to the underground. The incredible opener “Wych Elm” is a TKO right out of the gate, its propelling guitars and uptempo urgency will have your head spinning.

From there, we get a bit of groove ‘n doom with the equally kick-ass “Death In Absentia“, a chunky number with quite a “feel good” vibe to it. The thick riffs ride some intense contributions from the rhythm section, where some thrilling drum work is going on too.

Each new song seems to up the ante, somehow seeming to out-do the previous cut. There is the Black Pussy-ish “Survival Knife” (Official Video premiere below), a song with airy synths/keys and an industrial metal-ish rhythmic pulse pillowing the aggro-tinged, gravelly vocals.

Things go over the top with the bouncy “Rising Tides“, a solidly, tight-knit discharge that’s as reminiscent of Orange Goblin as it is Red Fang. What arrives after it is an amazing piece of pure Pink Floydian psychedelia, the aptly titled “Astronaut“. The song’s tranquil undercurrents flow like a cosmic stream in the verses, subtly ramping up all the while and then emitting a burst of a bit more aggressive sonics in the choruses.

Still having much more to offer, some heavy-hewn sludge infects the grunge metal punch of “Love Has No Name“. Lethal through and through, the song has quickly become one of my favorites, and boasts one hell of an infectious chorus too. You will have to visit our stream of the album here to discover it for yourself though.

Nearing the ever-closer end of this album, we take a beating in the punk rock-as-fuck “Curse Tablet“. That punk swagger takes a backseat at certain moments though, surrendering itself to some doom-emanating emissions from a molasses bog…. then right back at’cha with the attitude.

It is here that we get served another album high point, the stellar stoner metal of the gripping salvo, “Man On The Outside“. It quickly brings us into its energetic guitars and punchy drums as rolling rhythms and an amazing vocal performance punctuate things with fine accentuation indeed.

Energy levels remain on the upswing as the bluesy tempest of “Truth Be Damned” batters the airwaves about us. We now get to the point of finality with the album-closing “100 Years“, a number that immediately powers things down with a heady start at first. Some trippy music and vocals both ripple outward as minimal, sedate sounds ride upon the expanse.

Cosmic-y and utterly lysergic, things remain on this even keel for the duration, never straying from this psychedelic path. It works too, things feel poignant, profound even, for whatever reasons, and works to render a momentary pause for reflection. Well, at least it did for me but hell, what you get out of this might be something entirely different than I.

That said, the potential take away from the LIMB‘s ‘Saboteurs Of The Sun‘ is as immense as it is enthralling. This is a masterful opus rife with aural grandeur for your listening pleasure and supportive endeavors. I think you will dig it and here are the places you can pick it up:

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