GHASTLY SOUND Emit New ‘Crippler Crossface’ Single + Official Video; Appearing At Psycho Las Vegas

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

Vermont’s GHASTLY SOUND have unveiled a new single, “Crippler Crossface“, along with its subsequent official video. 

The track is the perfect vehicle for relaying the eclectically abrasive output that GHASTLY SOUND are becoming so well-liked for delivering. The band has been building quite a fan base from both their musical output and manic, over-the-top live performances.

Speaking of the latter, GHASTLY SOUND are taking their unhinged onstage presentation to Sin City this coming weekend. They will be appearing live at Psycho Las Vegas on Saturday, August 18th. You can find more info about the fest HERE.

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