SULACO ‘The Prize’ Pre-Release Album Stream; Record Release Show

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Rochester, NY’s genre-mashing atrocity SULACO are doin’ it (and doin’ it) once again as only they can with an imminent new album offering.

The Prize‘ is set to arrive this Friday, August 17th from Translation Loss Records and once again reaffirms this quartet’s evident heaviness. Forcibly melding noise rock, post-metal, sludge, hardcore, thrash, and more into their own crushing battery, SULACO is a straightforward juggernaut of sound. Riff Relevant is pleased to be able to share a pre-release stream of ‘The Prize‘ with you here at this time.

Guitarist/vocalist Burke had this to say about the recording:

We are very stoked for our new sounds to hit the streets. It’s been a bit since our last release so we’re pumped. Also with the release we have 2 extra tracks we recorded that will be available free on our Bandcamp (on release day). Instrumental interpretations of a couple melodies from another band so be sure to grab these along with the record!!

This band is built on riffs. Write a crusher, play it endlessly, figure variations, move it around, play it backwards with some swing, the shit makes me mental sometimes because settling on the right recipe is key. Shit can always be changed but finding the sweet spot is gold. I love it. I try to never write filler riffs. Every one must rule.

We have always had a mix of tempos in our tunes. Nothing different on this one. Sometimes we grind, sometimes we groove sometimes we are slow and grim. But we are always on 10. Never fucked with dynamics much. I’d rather crush.

We are rooted in death/grind but we don’t sound like many grind or death metal bands. Most of my influence is late 80s early 90s death and thrash. N.J. metal. Ripping Corpse and Human Remains. I think we certainly fit in with so many different flavors these days.”

SULACO will play a record release show the day “The Prize” is unleashed, Friday (Aug. 17) at Skylark Lounge in Rochester, with KRYST [Info].

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