Premiere: WASTED THEORY & CORTEZ Debut Tracks Off RIPPLE MUSIC ‘Second Coming Of Heavy: Chapter 9’

Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

Ripple Music has announced the premiere of two new tracks off the upcoming “Chapter 9of the ‘Second Coming Of Heavy‘ Split Series.

The ninth chapter is a full-length, aural wrecker from the much-loved vinyl series, this time with the heavy hitters combo of Mid-Atlantic heathens Wasted Theory and Boston’s sonic conquerors CortezThe incredible artwork for Second Coming Of Heavy: Chapter 9‘ was created by Joseph Rudell at Ghosttown Graphic Art.

The new Chapter 9 tracks streaming below are the Side A slow-burning third song “Close” from Cortez, and the final banger off Side B – “Heresy Dealer” from Wasted Theory.

Pre-order options should be available in about a week, so bookmark this link to the Ripple Music Webstore [HERE].


Some words from both camps about their respective sides of the Ripple ‘Chapter 9‘ Split. From Wasted Theory:

“The songs on the split were a combination of different players. We wrote half of the material with our former guitarist, and the other half with our new guitarist Andrew [Petkovic]. Much like everything else in our catalog, we feel like it helped give each tune its own identity. Obviously, the last thing we wanted to do was to release four songs that all sounded the same sonically. We wrote what we felt at the time was the dirtiest, grooviest, rifftastic tunes we had written since the ‘Defenders’ album.”

Cortez also discussed their songs:

“Infinite celestial bodies hurling through infinite space and time, a nation filled with people who have never been more connected to each other or so far apart, and the more personal relationships we have with our own self and a person we hold dear. These three original songs we wrote are an examination of the distance, the loneliness, and the murkiness that can exist in systems both large and small in scale. I know, I know… heavy stuff, maaaaan. We didn’t want to bum you out too much, so we figured we’d round it out with the title track from the underappreciated Deep Purple Mark III album ‘Stormbringer.’ Thanks for listening, as always, more new Cortez is on the way soon.”

A few weeks ago, Riff Relevant presented the exclusive première of Wasted Theory‘s lyric video for the “Abominatrix” track. You can check that out, along with current upcoming live event dates for both Wasted Theory and Cortez, below the tracklist for Second Coming Of Heavy: Chapter 9right here.

‘Second Coming Of Heavy: Chapter 9’ – Tracklist:

Side A: Cortez
The Firmament
Fog Of Whores

Side B: Wasted Theory
Baptized In Gasoline
Heresy Dealer

Wasted Theory ‘Stoned On Both Coasts’ remaining dates for 2018:

Cortez upcoming live shows:

Wasted TheoryWebsite | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Bandcamp

CortezWebsite | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Bandcamp


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