STEVEN WILSON ‘Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall’ Film Due In Nov. [Video Trailer]

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

STEVEN WILSON is a world-recognized songwriter, multi-instrumentalist musician, producer, and much, much more.

Though he is currently a solo artist, his rise to prominence came as the founder, lead guitarist, lead vocalist, and songwriter of the band Porcupine Tree. In recent years, he has participated in such collaborative projects as Storm Corrosion (with Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt), Blackfield (with Israeli musician Aviv Geffen),  and No-Man (with Tim Bowness).

Then there are Wilson’s forays into experimental, electronic-based music such as I.E.M. (The Incredible Expanding Mindfuck) and Bass Communion. There is also his body of work with other artists or bands ranging from Anathema, Opeth, Tears For Fears, and Roxy Music to YES, Marillion, Jethro Tull, and countless others.

In a career spanning over 30 years, Steven Wilson has created unique, prolific music and earned both immense critical acclaim and accolades. Now, he is poised to release a concert film capturing an incredible live performance from his recent legacy-defining To The Bone tour.

Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall will be released by Eagle Rock/Universal on November 2nd in a variety of formats including: Blu-ray, DVD, Blu-ray/2CD, and DVD/2CD. Also, a deluxe 5LP vinyl version will be released in March 2019.

Wilson shared the following about this upcoming offering, saying:

Home Invasion captures the final night of my three night March 2018 residency at what is probably my favorite venue in the world, the Royal Albert Hall in London. The full performance is included, and it looks and sounds absolutely fantastic, everyone involved working incredibly hard to make this a really high quality release in all departments, and to capture the visual elements of the show (plus as you would expect with a show presented in quadraphonic sound audio options also include a surround sound mix). Bonus material consists of 3 additional songs not part of the main show (Routine, Hand Cannot Erase, and Heart Attack In A Layby) filmed in the empty venue during the afternoon soundcheck, as well as interview/backstage footage. Over 3 hours of content in total.”

01. Intro “Truth”
02. Nowhere Now
03. Pariah
04. Home Invasion / Regret #9
05. The Creator Has A Mastertape
06. Refuge
07. People Who Eat Darkness
08. Ancestral
09. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
10. Permanating
11. Song Of I
12. Lazarus
13. Detonation
14. The Same Asylum As Before
15. Song Of Unborn
16. Vermillioncore
17. Sleep Together
18. Even Less
19. Blank Tapes
20. The Sound Of Muzak
21. The Raven That Refused To Sing

The CDs include the full soundtrack of the concert across two discs. The fifth LP in the vinyl set additionally includes the three soundcheck songs, as well as three songs taken from the previous night’s performance – “How Is Your Life Today?”, “Blackfield”, and “Postcard” – none of which were performed during the filming and are therefore exclusive to the vinyl.

Blu-ray/DVD bonus features:
Rehearsal tracks (“Routine”, “Hand Cannot Erase”, “Heart Attack In A Layby”), interview and backstage footage.

5LP vinyl exclusive tracks:
“How Is Your Life Today?”, “Blackfield”, “Postcard”.

The ‘Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall film from Steven Wilson is sure to be one of the most incredible presentations of his work yet. It will be the definitive visual and aural documentation of his talent and unmatched creativity in a live setting, arriving from Eagle Rock/Universal on Nov. 2nd.

Pre-order is active now at this LINK.

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