SEPTAGON Detail Upcoming Cruz Del Sur Music Release ‘Apocalyptic Rhymes’; Debut Lyric Video

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

German power metallers SEPTAGON have unveiled the details for their upcoming sophomore full-length album release.

Apocalyptic Rhymes‘ will arrive from Cruz Del Sur Music on November 9th and Riff Relevant is thrilled to share its album artwork, track list, pre-order options, and a new lyric video at this time.

SEPTAGON have once again provided a band setting where thrash and power metal meld into one technically comprehensive, and exciting, sound. Featuring members of Atlantean Kodex, Lanfear and Them, SEPTAGON are poised to set themselves apart from the herd of mediocre metal bands over-saturating the scene with lame abundance.

SEPTAGON –  guitarist Markus “Ulle” Ullrich, vocalist Markus Becker, guitarist Stef Binnig-Gollub, bassist Alexander Palma and drummer Jürgen “General” Schrank – craft songs that are rife with dashing melodies and stellar vocal interplay. The band’s 2016 introduction, Deadhead Syndicate, quickly garnered attention for the guys and now, they have topped that début with the upcoming ‘Apocalyptic Rhymes‘.

Check out the “Home, Sweet Hell” lyric video below while CD and vinyl pre-order for ‘Apocalyptic Rhymes‘ is active now HERE.

Track Listing:

1. The End
2. The Weight Of The World
3. Home, Sweet Hell
4. Apocalyptic Rhymes
5. Make A Stand
6. The Unfathomable Evil
7. P.O.T.U.S.A.
8. Cosmic Outrage
9. Nothingness Awaits
10. Sunset Blood

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