HELL IN TOWN Back w/ Sophomore Album ‘Bones’

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

When a band, any band, undergoes a lengthy absence from the world of music, one really does not know what to expect upon their return.

For example, France’s HELL IN TOWN has been on an extended hiatus for at least eight years now, so when reports of their return recently arrived, no one really knew what to expect. Well, good news, friends! HELL IN TOWN are indeed back and have brought one massively kick-ass album of sludgy, southern-infused groove metal right along with them.

Bones‘ is the sophomore album from HELL IN TOWN and it will arrive from Vapocalypse.fr on September 28th. The album was mixed by the band’s bassist and founder, Matt DMS, then mastered at El Mobo Concrete Studio. The artwork adorning the recording was designed by Ero Cyco.

Beyond curious about what to expect from ‘Bones‘, I was thrilled to recently experience this incredible record in full. The band’s absence has not seemed to harm their creativity in the least, as this is one outright remarkable capturing of weaponized riffs, husky rhythms, and addicting vocals.

The music within these seven tracks lands with the blunt force impact of a Louisville Slugger. They mercilessly bludgeon you with a resonating battery of heavy metal. I could tell you that this music is comparative to something like “Pantera-meets-Alice In Chains-meets-Dollar Llama” but why not just let the music do the convincing?

Here is your chance to do exactly that as Riff Relevant presents the pre-release, full album stream of HELL IN TOWN‘s ‘Bones‘. Break into it now and hear how the band is back with a vengeance. ‘Bones‘ arrives September 28th on CD from Vapocalypse.fr [LINK] and all digital platforms.


Matt DMS: bass & vocals
Pierre-Yves Marani: guitar
Mathieu Larroudé: guitar
Tristan Beauvais: drums


01. Wilder
02. The Fire Out Of It
03. Into The Dawn
04. Under The Sun
05. Feed The Beast
06. The Game
07. Bones

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