ICARUS WITCH Issues New Single & More Details On ‘Goodbye Cruel World’ Album

(L-R: Jason Myers, Andrew D’Cagna, Quinn Lukas – photo by Shane Mayer)
Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

In April, we reported [HERE] the highly welcomed news about the return of Pittsburgh’s long-running power metal band, ICARUS WITCH.

That news included the revelation of a new vocalist having joined the fold, none other than Andrew D’Cagna (Brimstone Coven, ZOM, Ironflame), as well as info on an upcoming album release, ‘Goodbye Cruel World‘. D’Cagna, along with new drummer Jon Rice (Scorpion Child, ex-Job For A Cowboy), joins bassist Jason Myers and guitarist Quinn Lukas in the latest incarnation of ICARUS WITCH.

Excitement is growing, along with rising expectations, about the imminent arrival of the first new studio album from the band in six years. There are good reasons for said excitement and expectations too, after hearing the recent singles made available to the public. The latest lands today, as the guys deliver the incredible new cut “Misfortune Teller“, a highly energized number that traverses a broad range of aural dynamics.

The band recently spoke to Decibel Magazine about the song, saying:

Lyrically, ‘Misfortune Teller’ is about a hypothetical megalomaniac. It’s the story of a psychic vampire who will do and say anything to advance their own agenda, even if it means turning people against each other. Though, in this tale, the victims finally snap out of the spell and the villain is served their just karma.”

“Misfortune teller, it’s all just smoke and mirrors / Delusion seller, preyed upon our darkest fears / You’ll get what’s coming to you, you are your own misfortune teller”

Musically, it’s a traditional banger that invokes the fist-in-the-air arena rock of Jake-era Ozzy or early Dokken & DIO. It’s based around a couple shredding riffs that Quinn had been kicking around for ages. It’s those signature hooks that he’d naturally go to when sound checking or trying out a new axe but just never found their way to a proper song structure… until now.

Stream the scorching selection below, along with the previously unveiled album title track. Riff Relevant is now able to share new details on ‘Goodbye Cruel World‘, including the tracklist and pre-order options HERE. ‘Goodbye Cruel World‘ from ICARUS WITCH will arrive October 26th from Cleopatra Records.


01. Goodbye Cruel World
02. Misfortune Teller
03. Lightning Strikes
04. Mirage
05. Through Your Eyes
06. The Flood
07. Silence Of The Siren
08. Possessed By You
09. Antivenom
10. Until The Bitter End

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