SACROSANCT “My Last White Light” Official Video; ‘Necropolis’ Album Release Nears

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

German / Dutch modern metallers SACROSANCT – the band founded by former Pestilence guitarist Randy Meinhard – have released a new official video.

The video is for the song “My Last White Light“, one of the tracks from the band’s upcoming ROAR – Rock Of Angels Records release, ‘Necropolis‘, set to arrive on November 30th. Unlike the musical output of Meinhard’s prior band, SACROSANCT is devoutly more melodic in style, as well as their enhancing the use of technicality with more clear-cut, progressive metal qualities.

Necropolis‘ is the fourth full-length studio album from SACROSANCT, one that was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Max Morton of Morton Studios, who also recently remastered the entire SACROSANCT back catalog. With ‘Necropolis‘, the reported objective was to record a classic, analog-sounding album using modern technologies and, at the same time, avoid any modern metal pitfalls.

The stunning, epic artwork that graces ‘Necropolis‘ was designed by Giannis Nakos based on the band’s ideas, a perfect portrayal of the band’s new mascot, the guardian avenger, the “Weeping Angel”.

Guitarist Randy Meinhard formed SACROSANCT in 1988, and the band issued its debut outing in 1990, ‘Truth Is – What Is‘. Utilizing a powerful twin guitar set up inspired by such greats as Judas Priest, Queensrÿche, and Exodus, the band was immediately commended for creating technically sophisticated thrash metal, possessing a melodious presence. That initial release was followed by subsequent offerings ‘Recesses For The Depraved‘ (1991) and ‘Tragic Intense‘ (1993), each album displaying SACROSANCT‘s knack for merging more and more elements of thrash, doom, and power metal into their own evolving sound.

Necropolis‘ is sure to be yet another impressive step in that evolutionary path for SACROSANCT, one that is now being revealed with the “My Last White Light” video, as well as the album artwork and track-list below.


Richard F. Hesselink – vocals
Randy Meinhard – guitars
Christian Göwert – guitars
Kees Harrison – bass
Jonas Schütz – drums

Necropolis‘ tracklist:

01. The New Age Of Fear
02. My Last White Light
03. The Grim Sleeper
04. Only One God
05. Melancholy
06. Clouds Obscured The Sun
07. NecroPolice
08. The Pain Still Lasts


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