WARRIOR SOUL ‘Rock ‘N Roll Disease’ Album; May EU Tour

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The communicable audio infection that is long-running rock band WARRIOR SOUL announce their new record, ‘Rock ‘N Roll Disease‘, is set for release on June 7th via Livewire/Cargo Records.

Following up last year’s successful and critically acclaimed outing, ‘Back On The Lash‘, frontman and resident radical Kory Clarke assembled the same writing and playing team in the studio this time around. Hoping to ensure continuity while drawing inspiration from the rich vein of social and political issues of the contemporary age, WARRIOR SOUL is the ideal band for the modern rock world. In a scene where corporate-backed sham “bands” rob music fans with their criminally stagnate noise devoid of any substance or merit, WARRIOR SOUL enters again with all guns blazin’.

Rock ‘N Roll Disease‘ was produced by Kory Clarke and Adam Arling, mixed and mastered by Miguel Martins, and engineered by Adam Arling. The album artwork was created by Mark Procter and introduces John Polachek as co-writing contributor and the band’s new guitarist. With him and Clarke in WARRIOR SOUL are The Last Vegas’ Adam and Nate Arling, alongside current touring band members since 2013, Christian Kimmett, Stevie Pearce, Michael Branagh, and Colin Dunne.



01. Up The Dose
02. Rock ‘N Roll Disease
03. Off My Face
04. Melt Down
05. Rock On
06. War Ride Children
07. Going Mental
08. After The Show

Kory offered the following statement about the band’s current mission and purpose, saying:

We are going for the same feel as ‘Lash’ but honing it in more and picking it up a bit. ‘Back On The Lash’ was raw, fun and loose, this is too, but we are pushing it all over the top.

Part of that push will include a European and U.K. tour that will launch next month. You will find the itinerary listed below as the new WARRIOR SOUL album ‘Rock ‘N Roll Disease‘ arrives June 7th from Livewire/Cargo Records.

– WARRIOR SOUL European Tour 2019 –

May 15 – The Cult, Nürnberg, DE
May 16 – Wild At Heart, Berlin, DE
May 17 – Lemmy’s Bar, Bad Friedrichshall, DE
May 18 – Rockjungfer, Arnstadt, DE
May 19 – De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare, BE
May 22 – MTS Records, Oldenburg, DE
May 23 – Alter Schlachthof, Eupen, BE
May 24 – Markt 17, Huckelhoven, DE
May 25 – Oefenbunker, Landgraaf, NL
May 30 – Iron Road, Pershore, UK
May 31 – Olby’s Sould Cafe, Margate, UK
Jun. 01 – Camden Rocks Festival, London, UK
Jun. 02 – Private Showcase, London, UK


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