Premiere: EL ROJO Debuts “When I Slow Down” Video Off ‘El Diablo Rojo’ Album

Article by: Leanne Ridgeway

EL ROJO, the Italian stoner rock five-piece from Morano Calabro, is soon to release their debut album ‘El Diablo Rojo‘ via Karma Conspiracy Records on November 6th.

Deeply rooted in the places where they’ve grown up in Southern Italy, EL ROJO considers themselves a family born way before 2016 when they first played together as a band. Their approach to Stoner/Desert rock is metaphoric: this kind of music was born near the Californian desert, their music grows from an environment in progressive desertification. People move out of the area to search for their fortunes elsewhere, making the area increasingly poor — in people and in values.

The band took their first steps by releasing a self-produced debut EP ‘16 Inches Radial[review here] in 2018. They leaped forward by signing with the Karma Conspiracy Records label and releasing ‘Southern Crossroads,’ a single split with Teverts in 2019. The time has now come to move onward again and EL ROJO is ready to release our first full-length next week.

We’re told that ‘El Diablo Rojo‘ is titled as the musical embodiment of the desperation that rises from the abyss; when the world we were used to knowing crumbles under our very feet. As a concept, the album displays a man who lives with contradictions and distress. ‘El Diablo Rojo’ is fed by the rage and impotence bearing witness to the constant changes that will never reverse themselves.

The focus moves from the picture of a background: belonging to the South, passions, hopes, and the certainty of being part of a generation robbed of their own rights. The right to have a job, to access a decent life like the generations before have had benefit from. The music follows the observer’s point of view, the classic dusty stoner rock becomes doomy, following the mood and emotions that emerge from track after track.

el rojo


01. South
02. El Camino
03. The Wanderer
04. Colors
05. Ascension
06. When I Slow Down
07. Cactus Bloom
08. Dragonfly

Produced by Filippo ‘Phil Liar’ Buono, the album was recorded and mixed at Monolith Recording Studio, then mastered by Giovanni Nebbia at Ithil World Mastering. November 6th unleashes ‘El Diablo Rojo‘ upon us through Karma Conspiracy Records.

Today, we’re honored to share the premiere of a new single from the EL ROJO groove troupe by way of an official lyric video for the track “When I Slow Down.” The band shares some details about the new single:

If you think that ‘When I Slow down’ is just a spooky song about undeads, then you are wrong. WISD’s meaning is as deep as the waters where usually the red devil, ‘El Diablo Rojo,’ lives.

Many people nowadays are forced to live in a loop made of duties, life-goals defined by society. They flatten their lives to fit these standards, leading themselves to a non-living state, just like zombies. This song yells that happiness is within our grasp, we just have to slow down and realise that we have to color up our lives to fight conformity.


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