IAH Self-Titled Album Review & Stream

Argentina’s IAH recently released their 4-song, self-titled EP and now it has made its way here to my ears. The trio of bassist Juan Pablo Lucco Borlera, guitarist Mauricio Condon, and drummer José Landín deliver some fantastically intense, experimentally driven Stoner/Post-Rock.

A bit metallic at times, the guys unleash a variety of energy levels and emotions on these tracks. Things range from some heady psychedelia-tinged ambient music, to the full-on heaviness of hard rock and they keep things interesting always.

The four songs included here – “Cabalgan los cielos,” “Ouroboros” (my favorite), “Stolas,” and “Eclipsum” – are multifaceted and intricately layered case studies on what superb instrumental music is.

That means everyone should take notice and check this out, and you can do that in the Bandcamp stream below. It gets better… this is available as a totally FREE Download from our three amigos in IAH.


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