COSMONAUT FUZZ Self-Titled Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Brazil’s Cosmonaut Fuzz is a one-man project from multi-instrumentalist Adriano Alves (guitarist/vocalist for Netuno Doom). To be his first outing recorded in his home studio with him playing and producing, Alves hits a home run his first time out.

Compiling a potent blend of spacey, psychedelia-fueled fuzz and stoner/ doom, this five-song effort never fails to impress. Deep, deep riffs resonate from the spacial expanses, as the heavy effect-laden music propels you across the cosmos.

It is clear that Alves himself is exploring his own interests and influences here: Outer Space and psych doom music. From the intro track “Voyager And Jupiter” heady density and exploratory vibes, the journey begins. A slow-paced sojourn gets underway and thanks to the documentary film-like narrations, you can imagine yourself there. “There” being out there, in space, of course.

A whole other feel takes over for songs like “Mars, The Future And The Past” or “Black Hole Collides“. The first throws in a booster of bluesy grooves and somber overtones while the latter adds ample swagger. The solos in it seem to immerse you further into the dark depths of the track itself.

This leaves “Rings Of Saturn” and the album-ending epic that is “Cosmos Is God“. “Rings Of Saturn” has a real funeral doom-like demeanor to it, a bit on the drone side of the spectrum. The repetitious riffs and bass lines within it are somewhat hypnotic as they entice you to search the innermost realms of your own skull’s imagination.

The final cut, “Cosmos Is God“, is the undeniable culmination of all the earlier explorations… this is indeed the ultimate destination. While many of the earlier songs’ qualities are present here, there is also a whole different feel to this particular track. Maybe it’s the keyboards or perhaps the airier solos, not sure but this is indeed the pinnacle of this trip, my friends.

If you like music that provides true escapism then you should climb aboard the Cosmonaut Fuzz ship. You can do that by checking out the release via the Bandcamp embed below. Once there you can experience this slow-traveling craft of pristine psychedelia and superbly stellar stoner/doom.


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