GLEN ALVELAIS (Former Forbidden, Testament Guitarist) Resurfaces In EARTH CRAWLER

Former Forbidden/Testament guitarist Glen Alvelais has resurfaced in a new metal project named Earth Crawler.    

The San Francisco Bay Area-based band will release their début album, ‘From Below‘, on May 5th. It was recorded at the Blue Room Recording Studio by mix and mastering engineer Eric Hill (Xerosun, Gravel, Plenty Heavy).

The press release for the album shares this about it: “[From Below] features six tracks of punishing riffs, melodically emotive and furious leads, dynamic vocal interplay that reaches into uncomfortable territory, and will show you that EARTH CRAWLER isn’t afraid to wear their classic Bay Area Thrash influences on their sleeve,” according to a press release.

A teaser for the album is available below.


Ryan Reynoso – Vocals
Glen Alvelais – Lead Guitar
Kimo Sanborn – Guitar, Vocals
Nick Benigno – Drums


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