EARTH DRIVE Share ‘Stellar Drone’ Details; Premiere Lyric Video

The incredible Portuguese psyche/stoner rock band Earth Drive have unveiled the details of their upcoming release, ‘Stellar Drone‘.   

While a specific release date remains to be set, the album will be released via Raging Planet soon. The band has debuted an intense new lyric video for the song ‘Two Temple Place‘, along with a video trailer for the release, both of which are streaming below.

Since the band’s formation in 2007, Earth Drive has released a Demo and three subsequent EPs including 2015’s amazing Planet Mantra EP. Their blend of heady psychedelia and heavy stoner rock is an intoxicating elixir, to say the least.

Stellar Drone” Track List

1 – Lactomeda
2 – Known by the Ancients
3 – Dead blood for the royal weather
4 – Two temple place
5 – Stellar Drone
6 – Are we drowning in Digits
7 – Magical Train

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