KHEMMIS Streaming ‘A Conversation With Death’ Cover

Progressive doomers Khemmis and desert psyche outfit Spirit Adrift have united for an interesting Split of cover songs.  

The songs are traditional Southern Folk tracks, one from each band, for the ‘Fraught With Peril‘ limited edition 7″. It will be released on June 16th via War Crime Recordings but there is a pre-order available now at this location.

Khemmis take on the classic early 20th century Appalachian hymn ‘A Conversation With Death‘, transforming the song completely into their own. Spirit Adrift tackle the well-known ‘Man Of Constant Sorrow‘, featured so prominently in the George Clooney film, ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou‘. The release features companion art for both tracks courtesy of Nate Burns/Revolting Worship.

Khemmis addressed their contribution saying:

“Nate [Garrett] from Spirit Adrift approached us last year with the idea of doing a tribute to Southern folk music. Nate, Zach [Coleman, Khemmis drummer] and Ben [Hutcherson, Khemmis guitarist/vocalist] are all Southern expats, and the impact of traditional music from their home states (Arkansas, Texas, and Mississippi, respectively) has shaped the writing styles of both Khemmis and Spirit Adrift.

Zach suggested Lloyd Chandler‘s “A Conversation with Death,” a lyrically heavy song offering two perspectives on the narrator’s impending doom, because its a capella style gave us total musical freedom to expand on the arrangement. We need a reminder now, more than ever, that none of us — rich or poor, young or old– can escape the icy hands of death.”

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