BRETUS Unveils Upcoming Slab Of Doom ‘…From The Twilight Zone’; Songs Streaming

The Catanzaro, Italy based purveyors of heavy doom in Bretus are back with a new release imminent. That would be ‘…From The Twilight Zone‘, of course and it is due sometime in June from Endless Winter.   

We have several songs today from the upcoming release streaming below, ones that paint a nice heavy aural landscape of what this band is about.

The tracks here, ‘In The Vault‘, ‘Old Dark House‘ and ‘The Creeping Flesh‘, are powerful sonic glimpses into the heart and soul of the Bretus sound. Vintage in nature and rife with semi-occult overtones, they exude the retro heaviness that permeates the very band itself.

Feel free to check them out, at your own risk of course, and come learn why Bretus are such the highly revered underground entity that they are.

Track list:
1. Terror Behind The Mirror
2. In The Vault
3. Old Dark House
4. Danza Macabra
5. The Murder
6. The Creeping Flesh
7. Lizard Woman

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