THEE IRON HAND: Collective With Past/Present Members Of Iron Man, The Obsessed, Ironboss, Etc.

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

In an age where the term “supergroup” is applied to bands that are questionably uncertain to be worthy of such a tag, now comes one that is. Announcing the revelation that is Thee Iron Hand! Comprised of iconic musical legends from within the Maryland and Virginia scene, Thee Iron Hand has come to bring old-school infused, yet lethally modern, metal to the masses.

The stellar line up of the band contains vocalist ‘Screaming MadDee Calhoun (Iron Man, Land Of Doom, After Therapy), guitarist Matt Crocco (Ironboss, Lifetime Shitlist), bassist Bruce Falkinburg (The Hidden Hand, The Obsessed), and drummer Patrick Kennedy (Ironboss). If the collected band involvements of this quartet’s resume does not impress you, then you might just be in a coma.

Inside information has been revealed that Thee Iron Hand has eight songs wrapped up and they’re currently fielding some offers for their next move. One of those moves is the band’s own plans to start hitting live stages as soon as possible.

Riff Relevant will be here to provide you any and all details of the unfolding events surrounding Thee Iron Hand, rest assured. Until then, check out the demo-quality snippet of the band’s song ‘Lungful Of Blood‘ in the clip below.


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