JESUS PIECE / MALICE AT THE PALACE Split Review & Stream; Tour Dates

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

This Friday, May 19th will see the release of the 4-song split from the pairing of bands Jesus Piece and Malice At The Palace. Each band provides two scathing cuts to the upcoming offering, which is streaming below, from Bridge Nine Records.

I feel that I must warn you now that this is an item of pure, undiluted, uncut primo Post-Hardcore/Sludge.

First up to bat on this sonic beat down are Philadelphia’s Jesus Piece. Let me tell you, brother, there’s nothing loving here. Be it city, an ideology of Christ himself, or what have you, this is aural hatred magnified Infinitum! Firing the first salvo “Hive Mind“, you experience a body-rattling blow of dense riffs and shuddering rhythms. The tempos and intensity soon take off and you’re looking for a safe place to hide as acidic vocals permeate the air.

Venomous, vile, and oh-so violent, these Jesus Piece freaks follow-up with “Deny Reality“. It’s pointless to attempt to suppress this truth as a barrage of drums detonate and the fury flows unfettered. Thickened guitars grumble and spew as this locomotive-like number rolls your ass under.



We go to The Sunshine State – for anything but – as the incendiary Malice At The Palace takes the helm for song three, “My Target“. With a blistering, more metallic assault, these guys deliver a truly vintage-steeped hardcore hurting. Really dig the Slayeresque mode the guitars delve into at points, too.

The old-school vibes really resonate in the last track here, “S.Y.C.“. Fluid ferocity flows, as the dizzying array of guitars and tightly-wound rhythms, sizzles step by step. Amazing drum-work accompanies the all-out, angst-encased vocals. You can just imagine what activity this song invokes live.

Speaking of live invocations, Jesus Piece and Malice At The Palace are in the midst of a touring trek together, right now. The remaining dates are listed below and remember, the pair’s Split will be released this Friday, May 19th, via Bridge Nine Records.

Jesus Piece & Malice At The Palace on tour:

May 17 – Mesa, AZ
May 18 – Los Angeles, CA
May 19 – Visalia, CA
May 20 – Sacramento, CA
May 21 – Berkeley, CA
May 22 – Reno, NV
May 24 – Denver, CO
May 25 – Springfield, MO
May 26 – Gary, IN
May 27 – Howell, IN

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