GHOST COLOR ‘American Book Of The Dead’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Sacramento, CA.’s Ghost Color returns with their second EP, ‘American Book Of The Dead, on May 30th. If you’ve somehow missed out on the band until now, including their 2015 self-titled EP, shame on you.

Double down on that shame if you claim to be on the forefront of unique, progressive rock acts on the rise. See, that’s what Ghost Color are, a band chock full of eclectic self-indulgence… and they will tell you that. In fact, they do just that on their Facebook page, saying:

“[the trio] concentrate only on making the music they want to make, the way they want to make it. With a full understanding that you should only do the best you can with the time you’ve got.

By the way, the trio is drummer/lead vox Chris Winstead, guitarist Eric Davis, and bassist Bryan Harty. What they play is quite forward-thinking, soulfully smooth, and intricately interwoven progressive rock. It ripples and reverberates with influences that range from jazz and hard rock to psychedelia and shoegaze.

Just listen to the four songs on the EP, ‘In Other Words‘, ‘Endeavour‘, ‘Still Asleep‘, and ‘Grieves‘. The cuts melt within your mind, so well-arranged and executed that you can hear every nuance taking place within them.

There’s an ever-present, yet simmering quiet cool rippling through the haziness of each song’s euphoric content. With tightly knit, yet laid back, aural interactions between the guys taking place, a range of emotions are traversed.

I suggest you “read” (i.e. listen) to the ‘American Book Of The Dead via the Soundcloud embed below. I’m sure you will find it a lively tale from the gentleman in Ghost Color.


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