GUNK ‘Subhuman Cellular Mutation’ Album Review & Stream

Article By: Dave ‘Sunshine’ LaMay ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Do you ever have those times when extreme is still not enough, and you want to somehow go beyond to a seemingly non-existent next level? Brutal death and violent grind just aren’t scratching that aural itch?

Well, if you’ve asked yourself either or both questions above, then I’m happy to tell you, Gunk is now here to save the day!

There is absolutely zero out there about who (or better yet, what) comprises the band here known as GUNK. All we can determine via searching elsewhere is they are decidedly *not* four other bands similarly named, and their April 2017 release is spewed forth to the masses via Viscera Gel Prods.

The listener (victim) will just have to go on what is offered in their début, ‘Subhuman Cellular Mutation‘. That is plenty. We also have Viscera’s Facebook and Bandcamp pages for you to peruse if you desire to take the risk to your delicate psyche. Hey, if it was all that delicate, you wouldn’t be here to begin with.

Spewing forth 13 tracks that clocks in total at a lean 20 minutes, maniacal goregrind/death labeling gets walked right up to the edge of the cliff, then suddenly pushed unceremoniously over with giggling glee.

Inhuman blast beats, filth-encrusted riffing, goofy sound bites and bubbling lava, some sort of perverted fishmen, with phlegm-gargling hillbilly “vocals” make for an unmatched musical journey into blissful dementia. You can give a listen via our full-album Bandcamp stream below.

The whole parade of musical atrocities ultimately gets its most appealing push from the fact the band never takes the affair seriously. It’s unpretentious, silly, and fun. The GUNKsters make that pretty clear to all, but the most thick-headed of those who dare venture into their world.

Yes indeedy, ‘Subhuman Cellular Mutation‘ is most definitely not for everyone, or maybe even most everyone. I’ll be damned, though, if I can find much else like Gunk. It is so simultaneously endearing and unrepentantly abrasive. Sweeeeet!

‘Subhuman Cellular Mutation’ Tracklist:

01. Subhuman Cellular Mutation
02. Lathering of Froth & Foam from Regurgitated Bile (ft. Goremaster General)
03. Devoured by a Contorting Vomitous Mass
04. Eroticism in Cascades of Gushing Ectoplasm
05. Liquification of Skin & Tissue
06. Thick Plasmatic Chunks of Visceral Junk (ft. Goremaster General)
07. Rapid Flesh Regeneration
08. Puked Giblets and Neon Gaseous Vapor
09. Adorned in a Caustic Gelatinous Chyme 00:46
10. Salivating Over Fermented Offal Mess (ft. Goremaster General) & Suffocating in Globs of Saponified Nucleoplasm
11. Volatile Ocular Secretions
12. Steaming Remnants of Toxicified Mounds of Flesh
13. Irradescent Smegmatic Overflow of Churned Internal Fluids


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