MAGIC CHICKEN FUDGETOE ‘Bad Bondye’ EP Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Editor,

Slamming into the Pat Riot review queue, with millimeters of time sensitivity to spare, is this fantastic sonic smackdown.  

It’s just a personal thing, I don’t review LPs released any later or past a six month mark… like I said, nothing personal – and yes, I have made exceptions on occasion.

In fact, I would have made one for this five-song slab of blues-tuned, metallic sludgened doom from Perth, Australia’s Magic Chicken Fudgetoe, more than likely based solely on their name .

Guess what? Once I actually heard this offering, their ‘Bad Bondye‘ EP, I knew I had to share it with you all as well.

The trio at the beating, bleeding heart of this band, Josh (bass and vocals), Andy (guitar) and Rory (drums), themselves state that they “are a down-tuned, fuzzed out beast. Focused on ripping off Electric Wizard, Black Flag and Tad equally“.

That’s as good place a place as any to start with what they’re doing here too… ‘cept I might toss in my own touches along with it. Once like “ample amounts of early Butthole Surfers and Buzzov’en influence imbue the music of ‘Bad Bondye’ with some truly lysergic lethality“… shit like that.

It would be, nay, IS totally valid and true, too, dammit. The sheer heaviness and ferociously fuzzed feedback of this music will flatten you out like a runaway Mack truck. On top of it comes enough groove and gear-jamming goodness to get your goat joining in with some opiate-like slow head nodding accompaniment. Deep ruts of densely calcified hard rock render this music so monstrously intransigent, while the throat shredding vocals do their own damage.

While all five cuts are fatalistically face-melting phenomenal, my special song of theirs currently is ‘Stone Monkey‘. What’s yours?

If you don’t know yet then run, don’t walk dammit, to the Bandcamp embedded stream of Magic Chicken Fudgetoe‘s ‘Bad Bondye‘ EP below and find the hell out right this minute. Right now!

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