Premiere: MAGIC CHICKEN FUDGETOE ‘StarCult Euphrates’ 7″ Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Perth, Australia’s MAGIC CHICKEN FUDGETOE is a band whose name you won’t soon forget, especially when reinforced by their music once you’ve heard it.

This is your opportunity to do exactly that as Riff Relevant premieres an early stream of their upcoming 7″ release, ‘StarCult Euphrates‘. Physical copies will be released on July 7th.

Containing two songs, the “StarCult Euphrates” title track and the interestingly named “Anus Jazz“, this short-player is large on heavy music. With a blend of aggressive, downtuned fuzz, sludge, and psych-blues, this trio harness the power of the unpretentious jam.

The title cut boldly exemplifies this with a bit of Sabbathian doom and a free-for-all of guitar pyrotechnics. Distortion riddles every note, while the drums bash and crunch away. Screamed vocals burst through the haze at certain points, while the music goes through myriad time and tempo changes.

The incessantly buzzing, effect-laden guitars repeatedly brought to mind the early music of Butthole Surfers and their guitarist, Paul Leary’s playing and sound.

With “Anus Jazz“, the fuzz gets even fuzzier, harrier even, as the song’s aggro vocals are barked forth with throat-wrenching flare. Things go from fast and loose to thick as a brick, and there’s some incredible drum work to boot.

The ‘StarCult Euphrates‘ 7″ contains noisy, hostile psyche-fuzz in a much different vein than the last offering from MAGIC CHICKEN FUDGETOE, 2016’s Bad Bondye EP (which I also reviewed HERE). The metallic punk flavoring of that album is barely recognizable here but I always like it when a band changes things up and keeps you guessing.

I’m guessing you should take ‘StarCult Euphrates‘ for a stream here or head directly over to it on Bandcamp HERE.

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