SOUND OF ORIGIN ‘Seeds Of The Past’ EP Review, Stream & NYP

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

From the UK’s industrial region of Huddersfield comes the sonic heavyweight that is Sound Of Origin and their début EP, “Seeds Of The Past“.  

Still a relatively new band, one that just formed in 2016, there’s a pure, unfiltered heft to the music they create.  It is a densely thickened amalgamation of fuzz-fattened riffs and sledgehammer rhythms that combine to create hellishly gargantuan grooves.

Inspired by the likes of Kyuss, Church Of Misery, Weedeater and the like, John Bussey (vocals), Joe ‘Zeph’ Wilczynski (guitar), Jax Townend (bass) and Chris ‘Foz’ Foster (drums) wield a relentless tumult, indeed. Grounded in metallic overtones and bolstered with ample amounts of stoner and sludge, but there is much more. Their music even has moments of alternative rock, grunge and a touch or two of post-hardcore. Yep, it is all that and more.

The five-song “Seeds Of The Past” EP begins with the feedback start of “Warfarin“, and with a pummeling crush of riffs like molasses and panzer-like rhythms, it’s on!  It all rolls over you like a stormy wave, a bluesy one riveted into place with beefy vocals.

Now well underway, next up is the doomy grunge of “Driven To Distraction” and its surge of energized aggression.  A barrage of pulsating music rings out and includes some bone-crushing drums and interesting vocal inflections.

From this point comes the triple threat of the three remaining, and utterly fantastic, songs beginning with “Left For Dead“.  Much more noticeably lighter fare fuels its roll out amid airy guitars and melodic vocals, but it soon begins to pick up speed.   Things then alternate between those mellower moments and powerful, more aggressive slants riddled with furious fuzz.

Once the title track “Seeds Of The Past” bursts forth, a bit o’ doom permeates the music.  Then comes wailing guitar licks and soaring vocals amid this take on modern, albeit aggressive, desert rock. And then… “Asphalt“!

Damn, this EP ender is, simply put and to the point, freaking fantastic!  It starts with a slow burning fuse of airy guitars, emotion-laden vocals and able-bodied restraint.  Alas, the latter cannot hold the full-on barrage of colossal grooves once the aural inferno ignites.  It burns with haunting vocals as the simmer of effect-heavy music percolates with a slowly smoldering density.

Powerful, incendiary and burning like white-hot magma, “Asphalt” is laid down as my favorite cut of the five.  Sound Of Origin plant the equivalent of a sonic redwood with their “Seeds Of The Past” début, released just this past week.  Trust me when I say that THIS is the future!

Let it take root in your skull via the Bandcamp stream below.  Once there, you’ll find this incredible effort available as an NYP (Name Your Price) item, but to be honest, it’s too good to get free!

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