GATEWAY TO HELL ‘Clovers’ EP Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Maryland Doom… it sits in high regard here in the U.S.,  as well as the rest of the world.  I won’t bother to name-drop all the bands inevitably linked to that scene. We are here to discuss only one today – Baltimore’s Gateway To Hell.  The band released their new 5-song EP, “Clovers“, just today (July 21st) via Unholy Anarchy Records. Continue reading “GATEWAY TO HELL ‘Clovers’ EP Review & Stream”

BARB WIRE DOLLS Unveil ‘Desperate’ Details; Debut ‘Surreal’ Video

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

One of the most vital, legitimate rock bands active on the Earth at this time, Greece’s Barb Wire Dolls, are back with a new album.  “Desperate“, the band’s first record for Motörhead Music and is their third effort altogether.    Continue reading “BARB WIRE DOLLS Unveil ‘Desperate’ Details; Debut ‘Surreal’ Video”

WOUNDED GIANT ‘Vae Victus’ Album Review, Full Stream

(By David ‘Sunshine’ LaMay, Staff Writer,

Seattle, Washington’s Wounded Giant clearly believe in truth in advertising.  ‘Vae Victus‘ was released via STB Records on April 1st.  Let’s delve into it…  Continue reading “WOUNDED GIANT ‘Vae Victus’ Album Review, Full Stream”

NICK OLIVERI To Release ‘No Hits At All Vol. 3’ Via Heavy Psych Sounds In Oct.

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Palm Desert’s resident rock icon Nick Oliveri has announced that he will release a third installment of his N.O. Hits At All series this fall.   Continue reading “NICK OLIVERI To Release ‘No Hits At All Vol. 3’ Via Heavy Psych Sounds In Oct.”

MOROSITY – ‘Low Tide’ Album Review & Stream

Morosity – Low Tide

(By Brian Halsey, Staff Writer,

As an American who was fortunate enough to spend a bit of time in Norway and stand next to a Viking ship excavated from a frozen burial mound, I consider myself a default authority on any type of music in the neo-folk-avant-garde-metal-rock genre.  MOROSITY is a group of gentlemen from Minneapolis, Minnesota who wear the badge proudly and deliver an eclectic batch of songs on their new album ‘Low Tide.’   Continue reading “MOROSITY – ‘Low Tide’ Album Review & Stream”