CLOUD CATCHER ‘Trails of Kozmic Dust’ Album Review

Cloud Catcher - Live at Electric Funeral Fest photo by Mike Goodwin
Cloud Catcher – Live at Electric Funeral Fest – Photo by Mike Goodwin
Article By: Damon ‘Gravitoyd’ Caraway ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Trails of Kozmic Dust‘, released on Totem Cat Records in March 2017. It finds the Cloud Catcher trio to be burning through the atmosphere way above the Denver, Colorado sky they’re used to.

With this being only their second album, it scorches through time and space and takes the listener on a cosmic voyage of riff and groove that explodes minds and leaves goosebumps and epiphany in its wake.

Cloud Catcher’s sound is straight out of the haze-filled early seventies rock era, which was quickly figuring out where to go musically after the devastating losses of Morrison, Joplin, and Hendrix. ‘Trails of Kozmic Dust‘ was Produced and Engineered by Cody Tarbell, with mastering by Tony Reed at HeavyHead Recording Co., and features album art by Adam Burke of Nightjar Illustration.

With Rory Rummings on guitar and vocals, Kam Wentworth on bass and vocals, and Jared Soloman Handman on drums, they would not be out of place with, and likely would have been mentioned in the same breath as, bands the likes of Atomic Rooster, Bloodrock, and Frijid Pink.

All this being said, Cloud Catcher have stomped (not stamped) their own mark on the retro-wave psychedelia stoner rock movement, and stomp hard they did!


Cover Art by Adam Burke of Nightjar Illustration

Trails Of Kozmic Dust‘  Tracklist:

01. Astral Warlord
02. Celestial Empress
03. Beyond The Electric Sun
04. Dimensional Interlude
05. Visions
06. Trails Of Kozmic Dust
07. Super Acid Magick
08. Righteous Ruler

Cloud Catcher is a band of pure talent and vision and ‘Trails of Kozmic Dust‘ proves it. There is not a weak link in this band, which is proven in their precision and creativity. These guys have created a thought-provoking, jam-filled album which flows nicely between verse and chorus, is filled with great tempo changes, fills, and solos, and leaves the listener with a feeling of a complete concept album and not just an album with songs.

Musically, ‘Trails of Kozmic Dust‘ provokes an emotional response and creates a connection with which to bond and experience. Track seven, “Super Acid Magick,” is like having a window seat on an interstellar spaceship, experiencing the birth of stars, colorful colossal nebulae, and supernovae in a very personal and awe-filled way.

Every other song is just as intense, as well. Listen to this album as a whole. Listen to it repeatedly. Listen to it in an easy chair with whatever else takes you to your happy place, because that’s where ‘Trails of Kozmic Dust‘ is going to take you. The release is available via streaming on the Bandcamp embed, or for purchase as a digital download, CD, and limited edition vinyl pressing, via Cloud Catcher‘s Bandcamp page.



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