Negative Metal Band REBEL WIZARD Return With ‘The Warning Of One’; Debut New Song

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

The Australian harbingers of negative metal, Rebel Wizard, have proclaimed their imminent return with a new EP.  

The effort, titled “The Warning Of One“, will be released via Prosthetic Records on August 18th.  The scathingly sinister short player will be available on cassette and digital formats, as pre-orders have begun here.

You can hear the intro song of the EP, “The One I Seek“, via the Bandcamp stream below.

Rebel Wizard mastermind NKSV comments:

Negative wizard metal once again proves that in an era of ‘the shell’ and fevered, self-righteous evolution, we can abandon hope and rest blissfully within the mystical indifference of the wizards majestic riff.”

He adds, further elaborating on the concept of “negative metal” saying:

Anarchic alchemical process of outsider energies respecting the power of traditional triumphant metal into a unique sound to smash out the coerced gloom and banality of our times.”

Track listing:
1. One I Seek
2. One I Know
3. One I See
4. One I Call

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