The Great Russian Empire

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Montreal, Québec, Canada‘s dual bass combo The Great Russian Empire is back! Yes, the two bass and no guitar trio will return with the instrumental post-rock, bass-heavy new six-song effort, the ‘Low Ends‘ EP, on September 8th.

It’s expected to be a raucous record, too, and that anticipation is firmly fueled by a new song being shared today, “Blood Everywhere“. It is streaming via Bandcamp below while the band offered the following about the tale:

This is the heaviest song on the EP. The lyrics are related to the saturated media of the Dr. Guy Turcotte case, where he killed his two young children. It was everywhere, it almost drove me crazy one night going to bed. The only way I could free myself of the whole thing was putting lyrics to paper.


The Great Russian Empire Low Ends
‘Low Ends’ Tracklist:

01. Full of Blood
02. The Hands That Bring The Road Kill To The Side
03. If Tomorrow Ever Comes (Cop Shoot Cop cover)
04. Blood Everywhere
05. Pig’s Blood
06. The Fence



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